butcher, Damascus water pipe vendor, Damascus woman at Ummayad mosque, Damascus herbs in souk, Damascus
waterwheel, Hama waterwheel, Hama Oldtimer cabs, Hama public bus, Homs
oldtimer, Hama Schoolchildren, Idlib St. Simeon monastery, north of Aleppo Beehive houses, north of Aleppo
tent at death sea Bagdad cafe, near turn off to Bagdad Roman ruins Palmyra Roman ruins Palmyra
Roman ruins Palmyra Ayoubi castle, Bosra Bedouin market, Dair Hafir
waterwheels, Hama waterwheel, Hama waterwheel, Hama citadel, Aleppo Perfume, Damascus souk
Damascus souk Animal market, Damascus bedouin at water tap, dead city near Aleppo